Cartoon explains why Xbox Live is better than PlayStation Network

by 6 years ago

Everything said in this cartoon about why Xbox Live is better than PlayStation Network is pure fact.

Sorry, but everything about PSN blows, there’s really no getting around it. There are countless reasons, but let’s what watch one, in the form of a cartoon that Destructoid just posted…

Like I said, PSN sucks the big one on many levels. Like… when Tokyo Jungle finally came out, and I immediately fired up my PS3 to download the game. And guess what happened? Couldn’t log in. Couldn’t connect to the store. So I tried again. And again. And again.

After about a solid week’s worth of attempts, I finally managed to get in, pay for the game, and start downloading. Which weighed in about 1.5 gigs, and that’s hardly anything. So guess how long it took for it to show up on my end? I’d say close to 20 hours, no exaggeration.

By the time it finished downloading, I kind of didn’t care anymore. I have yet to install Tokyo Jungle because I’m guessing that will take another four hours. And before anyone asks, I just downloaded three XBLA demos, collectively weighing in about 3.5 gigs, in about half an hour, so it’s not my Internet.

I recently gave PlayStation Plus a go, thinking that might help, and it hasn’t done a damn thing, so I’m of the belief that you must be a total idiot for giving Sony your money for something that was already free. What’s the trade off? Oh, I get it; those “free games” every Plus member gushes about. And which people forget are not truly free; once your membership lapses, you can’t play them. They’re just dead space on your hard drive.

So yeah, Xbox Live rools, PlayStation Network drools.

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