This David Fincher produced ‘Halo 4’ spot is pretty rad

by 6 years ago

Gee, David Fincher makes good movies, so big surprise that he can produce a great video game ad for Halo 4, right?

The trailer, which made it debut late last night during Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, was produced by David Fincher (the man behind Fight Club, The Social Network, and my honest to God favorite, Alien 3) and directed by Tim Miller (who was the visual effects lead for Scott Pilgrim vs. the World).

As you can see, Master Chief is being held captive (apparently by the new major enemy in the upcoming game) and we get to see how he became the man that we all know and love. Which involves him being kidnapped as a child, to be part of the Spartan II program… just read one of the official Halo novels. They have all the details.

But yeah, pretty awesome, isn’t it! Please get these guys to do a proper Halo flick. In other news, the latest episode of Forward Unto Dawn is out. I’ll save it for next week, but spoilers: it’s 8 times as long as the above and not nearly as exciting.

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