This fake Justin Bieber 911 thing is hilarious

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Justin Bieber

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Not as hilarious as the two guys who were going to kill him, but still pretty funny. So it looks like Justin Bieber is starting to get a harsh lesson in the downside of fame. First, a serial killer sends two minions to slay him and cut his nuts off, and now he’s become the latest victim of Hollywood’s premiere 911 hoaxster.

The hacker subculture calls it “swatting” – the practice of placing fraudulent calls to 911 dispatchers and other emergency services in the hopes of having tons of heavily-armed cops show up to their house. Sure, 911 calls are traced, but the technology needed to spoof phone numbers and reroute traces is so cheap and easy to use these days that even a kid could do it. More specifically, a 12 year old kid from Southern California with a high voice and a huge grudge against some of Hollywood’s top stars.

On January 9th, 911 got a call that a man was screaming and waving a gun around outside of Bieber’s Los Angeles mansion. Of course, the cops responded in full force, sending helicopters and dozens of armed officers, only to find no disturbance. This wasn’t the first such call they’ve dealt with recently, though, and eventually they made a break in the case.

Cops arrested the as-yet unnamed juvenile on December 10th and are charging him with multiple “swatting” incidents – in addition to the Bieber call, he hit Ashton Kutcher, Charlie Sheen, Miley Cyrus and Simon Cowell. So at least the kid’s got some good taste in victims.

He’s also pretty inventive – he told the 911 operator that Cowell was found duct-taped and gagged in his bathroom and pretended to be a woman hiding out from Russian gangsters at Ashton Kutcher’s house.

TMZ is reporting that the kid is a social outcast who spends all day and night at his computer and refuses to go to school. I’m willing to put up good money that he has at least one fedora and one replica samurai sword. Any takers?

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