This guy is super unhappy with his $90 low-carb bread, uses it as a sponge

by 6 years ago

California’s Julian Bakery makes a variety of low-carb and zero-carb breads that claim to be great for gluten free or Paleo lifestyles. But a recent formula change left the man in this video incredibly unhappy. So he made a hilarious four-minute video railing on it.

Trolling though the guy may be, I find myself wanting to buy the bread and clean my house for the first time ever. Has the world embraced a new Billy Mays yet? If not, I’m throwing all my support behind this guy.

We got in touch with a representative from Julian Bakery via email. He exclusively told Guyism, “We changed the bread in the video in February. [I]t’s sad that someone is spreading this video [now].

“[W]e are a small family owned business that now has a revised delicious version of the bread [in the video].”

The video was initially posted to YouTube in October 2012. It’s unclear if their new adjustment to the formula has placated the man in the video. We certainly hope so. (via Reddit)