This is a friendly reminder that Donald Trump is a heartless dick

by 6 years ago

You’ve undoubtedly heard about the Ebola patient being treated at Emory Hospital in Atlanta. The man, a U.S. citizen named Kent Brantly, is extremely ill and may not survive. He contracted the virus treating patients in Africa. Kent Brantly is a doctor, a great humanitarian, and a man who puts the well being of others before himself.

So of course Donald Trump hates him.

Donald Trump

I understand the fear of bringing an Ebola patient to the United States. I too watched Outbreak with Dustin Hoffman. I watched that monkey virus terrorize people and basically infect like half the world. Your beef with Dr. Brantly being treated in Atlanta is a legitimate concern. I don’t agree with your take but whatever, I’ll listen to what you have to say (by the way, 122,000 people died of measles last year and we have un-vaccinated assholes running around…but I digress).

What I won’t listen to is Donald Trump being a dick. What I won’t listen to is Donald Trump telling people they have to suffer the consequences of helping others. I won’t do it.

This has nothing to do with politics or conservative/liberal bullshit. This has to do with being a heartless troll.

Ribner said the high-stakes mission to bring Brantly and Writebol home was born as much out of medical duty as humanitarian obligations. Their chances of survival were lower in Africa than in this country, where they will receive the kind of care that could enable their bodies to recover enough to fight off the virus.

“The critical component … is supportive care,” Ribner said. “We’re talking about maintaining blood pressure. We’re talking about supporting respiration up to and including a respirator if the condition becomes that severe. People with Ebola virus infection may have kidney failure, so we are potentially talking about dialysis.”

We’re treating Brantly for two reasons:

1) To help him
2) To help us in the future when the Ebola virus inevitably breaks out

Because that second one is going to happen. Probably in our lifetime. And we won’t be able to treat it if doctors have never seen it before.

So, in summary, Donald Trump is the worst. He should suffer the consequences of being a rich a-hole.

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