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Ladies and gentlemen, animals who use the internet and Kim Kardashian, we need to sit down and have a frank discussion about these mammaries—these huge, giant, kinda gross, kinda wonderful mammaries.

huge boobs

Before I go on…

Types of melons, ranked:

1) Casaba
2) Watermelon
3) Cantaloupe
4) Honeydew

Ok, back to this picture. Wait, one more thing…

Names for boobs, ranked:

1) Elmer Fudds
2) Hooters
3) Juggs
4) Bazookas
5) Bosoms
6) Titties
7) Fun Bags
8) Sweater Puppies
9) Knockers
10) Rack
11) Bewbs
12) Chesticles
13) Tatas
14) Twin Peaks
15) Ben and Jerry

I don’t remember what this post was about.


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