This is either the most clever or bitchiest breakup letter ever

by 6 years ago

This breakup letter with a cheating boyfriend is pretty clever. But it’s also horrendously bitchy. You could imagine my confusion as to how to cover it.

breakup letter


So the boyfriend is cheating…dick move. I’m assuming she had to have hard evidence attached to the Facebook message because, if not, she’s a total lunatic for reacting to shitty-but-relatively-innocent-flirting like a complete psychopath.

But man, this much commitment? I’m all on board with getting some measure of revenge but this is just so much effort. Even if I caught an ex blowing some dude in bed I’d probably really be angry for like a day, contemplate doing something to get back at her, and end up getting distracted by eating a box of Cheez-Its or something. Life is short, who has time for treasure hunts and passive aggressive letters with someone you now hate?

(via Gawker)

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