This monkey in a coat at a Canadian IKEA won the weekend

by 7 years ago

What happens when an illegal exotic animal in a fancy coat wanders out of his owner’s car into an IKEA? Magic, obviously.


The adorable little monkey pictured left ambled into the furniture store and freaked out shoppers as it ran around in a panic.

One shopper told the Toronto Star “It was just running around screaming. There was a crowd of us around it and it seemed really scared and agitated.”

Toronto police say the monkey let itself out of its crate, opened the car door, and walked into the store all by itself.

Even though the owner of the little guy eventually came forward, it’s illegal to own an exotic animal like the monkey in Toronto. As a result, the owner was fined $500 and forced to sign the monkey over to animal services.

Animal services reps said the monkey was going to be okay and calmed down after being fed grapes. Oh, if only life were always that simple.

Here’s another image because, well, it’s a monkey in IKEA and we need to cherish every moment.


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