Three apps to get your crap together in the New Year

by 8 years ago

The New Year is coming, and you’re probably thinking about what you’re going to do to try and improve your life. Especially since the next week or so will probably involve stuffing your face and drinking until your liver hurts.



So, if you’d like to get it together, here are three apps to help you do just that.


You’ve probably heard of Mint before: It’s one of the most popular personal finance sites on the Web. It’s intensely useful to track your spending and bills, and also formulate a realistic budget.


Health trackers are a dime a dozen on smartphones. Fitbit is the one I’m recommending because it has the most options, and unlike a lot of these things, actually updates the software on a fairly regular basis. That, in of itself, is a key selling point.


Tired of forgetting things? That’s what Evernote is for. Again, you may have heard of this, but the important thing is that you actually use it. Evernote really does make tracking your notes and to-dos across all your devices easy. The problem is that it leaves you with no excuse.

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