Tic: Secure those damn buttons for good

by 8 years ago

There are many sartorial nightmares at work, but one of the worst, and most annoying, is popping a button. Seriously, we live in the twenty-first century; can’t we come up with a better method for attaching buttons than strings?

Tic Button Fasteners


It turns out, a Swedish company has done just that.

Called the Tic, this gadget stops dicking around and secures your shirt buttons the proper way: With some goddamn plastic rivets.

Some may complain that plastic rivets aren’t refined, but in the first place, nobody is going to examine your buttons for how they’re attached to your shirt, and in the second place, having a pack of these in your desk is a lot easier to manage than an entire sewing kit.

As for installation, it’s simplicity itself: Place one end in the button holes, click the other end against the other side of the holes on your shirt, press, and twist until the clip falls off.

You’ll have to order them from Sweden, but shipping is free until December 31, and with the exchange rate, they’re $7.50 for a pack of four. Consider it an investment against embarrassment.

Fix That Button [Tic]

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