Tigers fan reaches for foul ball, loses his pants, embarrasses his family

by 4 years ago

Tigers fan

Things got sexual last night during the Tigers game when a rather rotund gentleman reached over for a foul ball. His friend came in for the assist and OH NO, STOP THAT YOU GUYS! It’s not that kind of party.


Play-by-play man Mario Impemba delivered the most perfect line for that moment: “Oh lookout down there.”

This begs the question: What are you willing to do for a foul ball?

Are you willing to show some butt? How about a little boobie action ladies? What about full frontal, is that an option?

I’m telling you this because I’m going to the game today full commando. So if you someone diving for a foul ball with their huge schlong just hanging there, yeah, humblebrag.

[Fox Sports Detroit]

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