Time for a double dose of Sifl & Olly

by 8 years ago

Because I’ve been spending so much time covering the recent flood of titles that’s cashing in on Presidential race, am behind on my fake game reviews from Sifl & Olly. So here are two helpings.

The first is for Red Head Redemption, which is essentially a clone of the recent Rockstar classic, except you play a super surly ginger. There’s also the only prostitute in town, who limos around as a direct result…

Is “tomato goblins” a real slur against red heads? Guess I have one other thing I should thank God for every day (along with not being bald or short).

Moving on, we also have Feed The Shark. Which, again is hardly all that different from most Xbox Live Indie offerings, plus it’s just another opportunity for the sock puppet duo to break out in song (which isn’t a bad thing, mind you)…

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