Timelapse of creating a 1.2-acre Shock Top masterpiece

by 7 years ago

Shock Top is releasing “End Of The World Midnight Wheat” just in time for us to prove the sky isn’t actually falling. Part of their marketing scheme is the incredible “Orange County Earthwork.” You’ll want to see this timelapse.

This isn’t the first time they’ve put Mother Earth to use, having done something similar for their Belgian White last year, but it is quite impressive. Last time it took a man named Stan 18 days to create a 1.2 acre masterpiece. No word yet on how this one compares, but it certainly seems like a good place to drink. “End of the World” is a damn fine beer too. It’s brewed with midnight wheat, chocolate malt, chili, and spice. For whatever reason if been really big into that combo this year. If you’ve never tried a beer with chocolate and chili before, you absolutely should.

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