8 tips for having an awesome staycation

by 7 years ago
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Syrenmuse, Flickr

Vacations are awesome, but sometimes we just don't want to deal with all the expense and planning it takes to execute one. So what about a staycation? Think of all the things you want to do around the house and in your area and condense it into a kick-ass stay-cay so you can recharge, reflect and rebuild all while having a goddamn good time. What are some of your must-haves for an awesome staycation?

Photo credit: Syrenmuse, Flickr

What's a vacation without some delicious eats and good beer to wash it down with? If it's the winter, order in some cozy comfort foods and dark, full-bodied brews. If it's the summertime then fire up the grill or smoker and keep it light with some refreshing summer ales.

Check out a local fair, water park, festival, concert, carnival or community event that you enjoy or wouldn't ordinarily get to do. Or have a casual gathering like a pot-luck or game night at your own place.

Finish a project around the house or get some paperwork out of the way that you've wanted to for a while. If you're going to be home anyway, it can be a nice touch to add some goals and feel good about completing them. But whatever you do, DON'T check your work email. Why? Because fuck work.

Vacations are all about experience, not ownership. So when you splurge, don't do it on a bigger TV to watch during your time off. Instead, do it on a fun activity or one of those posh tasting menu dinners that cost more than you usually like to spend.

You don't have to be somewhere exotic to have vacation sex. Just remember that vacation is a mindset, not a place. So go ahead and get weird in the kitchen, the backyard and on the roof for a memorable (and hopefully injury-free) session you'll remember for a long time to come.

Don't spread yourself thin with an ambitious schedule and don't bore yourself to death with too much down time. Whether that means having an itinerary of fun things to do or just living in the moment as it pleases you, always make sure your staycation is super fun, super relaxing or super both.

Even if it's just your local park, pool or porch, getting outside is definitely a requirement of any good staycation. Go to a BBQ, pool party, bonfire, sporting event or just a good chill session in the backyard with friends or family.

No staycation ever reaches its full potential if you don't catch up on all that sleep you've been meaning to ever since you left college and began your life as a real adult. What you probably need is the kind of rest that makes you wake up feeling like a brand new man. So don't even bother setting your alarm clock, because until you're back in the grind, it can fuck right off.

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