Tom Brady, Randy Moss fight about hair

by 9 years ago

In perhaps the dumbest locker room controversy since Ines Sainz’ flaunted her assets, Randy Moss and Tom Brady allegedly went toe-to-toe over hairstyles.

There was reportedly no winner in the dispute, although it’s believed than mankind took a rather large step back.

According to the report, Brady was not happy with Moss’ behavior and told him that he should shave his beard. Moss allegedly responded, telling Brady to cut his hair and that he looks like a girl.

A part of me really wants to believe this was a viral marketing campaign for Gillette or Axe Hair. But alas, it seems that is not the case.

Frankly, considering Randy Moss’ past hairdos, I’m not sure he really has room to speak on the matter. And Brady, well, he has Gisele on his side. I’d gladly shave my balls and grow a ponytail if I was tappin that.

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