Tom Cruise apparently rubs bird poop on his face

by 8 years ago

YouTube/Warner Bros.

Being famous must be so awesome. So take this with a grain of salt, but apparently Tom Cruise likes to smear bird poop all over his weird little face because he believes it keeps him young. According to an article in Now magazine, as re-reported in the Winnipeg Free Press of all ridiculous places, Cruise has foregone Botox for a facial treatment that involves nightingale feces mixed with rice bran and water.

This is actually a skin care regimen that has been used for hundreds of years – the Japanese call it uguisu no fun and use the droppings of the Japanese bush warbler, which is also used to remove stains from silk garments. It was also employed to remove the heavy white stage makeup from geishas and kabuki actors. Victoria Beckham is a modern proponent of the treatment, and Jessica Simpson has also partaken of the poop scrub.

So what do you think? Would you massage your mug with guano to look like Tom Cruise? And shouldn’t Scientology take care of your skin too? For the amount of money those dudes pay, it had better.

Photo credit: YouTube/Warner Bros.

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