Tremendous loser offers to let girl keep stolen iPhone if she’ll date him

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Niklaus Knecht had his iPhone stolen. His phone had a function that uploads all photos to a shared Dropbox folder, allowing him to see his phone’s thief. And now he wants to date her.

moroccan thief

The thief, a relatively fetching Moroccan woman, got the phone from Knecht after his phone fell out of a hole in his pocket during a train ride through Zurich.

Shortly thereafter, Knecht noticed photos starting to populate his Dropbox of the girl living a relatively banal life…but looking kind of cute while doing so.

Knecht told the Daily Mail, “It would be great to meet her and of course she’s welcome to keep the phone.”

Knecht, a 24-year-old college student, claims that even if she doesn’t want to meet him, he’d at least like to know more about how she found the phone — even though it seems like he’s already got that part figured out.

“I think it would be an interesting project as part of my schoolwork,” Knecht said.

This guy is saying all the right things. By which I mean he’s saying all the wrong things that make him sound like a complete loser. She can keep the phone if she’ll meet up with you, sad. Then it seems like he thinks he’ll charm her if she talks to him about “how she found the phone” — I’m sure it’s a riveting tale of “It was on the train and I kept it and took lots of photos but probably no nudes.”

Sack up, Nik.

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