Twin Peaks is an amazing breastaurant

Regardless of your stance on the cult TV show Twin Peaks, there’s no way you won’t like Twin Peaks breastaurant. Their sexy lady-lumberjacks roam the floor dishing out 29-degree draft beer.

*Beer douche on*
The only reason to serve beer at 29 degrees is to ensure that you can’t actually taste it.
*Beer douche off*

Tilted Kilt is a real hero of mine. Twin Peaks would be another restaurant that’s a hero. The boobs they’ve shown over the years, I don’t really look at them, but the fact that they’re showing them, I respect that. I can’t think of the last time I was actually in a breastaurant, but I do enjoy knowing that they’re out there. I had an ex-girlfriend take me to Hooters for my 18th birthday, and it couldn’t have been more awkwardly hilarious. For those that like a view with their brew, cheers to you.

Twin Peaks, A “Breastaurant” Chain with a Mountain Lodge Theme [LaughingSquid]