Two hard things to do, combined into one impossible game

by 7 years ago

If you happen to excel at karaoke and have fine typing skills, there’s a chance that you might still suck at Typing Karaoke.

Travis Chen

It can be played here and works like this: instead of singing a song, you have to type out lyrics. Seems simple, but because you have a very specific window of opportunity to type each line out, depending on the song, and because each has it own tempo and pace, one quickly realizes that Typing Karaoke is something supremely difficult to master, let alone get the hang of.

Joystiq points out that it’s a lot like Sega’s cult classic Typing of the Dead. Which is basically House of the Dead, the light gun game, but instead of shooting at zombies, you type out sentences to stop them dead in their tracks.

Here’s what that game looked like. And sorry for the obnoxious narrator, but everyone who films themselves playing some wacky game has the need to insert lame jokes in order to top the subject at hand, which could easily just stand on its own…

I’m actually a big fan of Typing of the Dead, but not so much Typing Karaoke, since it reminds me how out of touch I am when it comes to today’s music.

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