Two of the hottest WAGs in sports had a bikini-off

This is an important post about two women in bikinis. Two women thought to be the hottest WAGs in sports. Let me reiterate how important this is.

That’s Matthew Stafford’s girlfriend, Kelly Hall, in the yellow. To her right is Lindsey Duke, the girlfriend of Blake Bortles. The chick everyone’s talking about these days. The chick NFL GM’s are asking about in interviews. The two met on a cruise, a cruise full of beautiful people, obviously. For some reason I wasn’t invited which is totally your bad you guys. You missed sexy Isaac in a speedo. It’s a sight to see, really. But I digress.

On to more important things like ranking who’s hotter. Are you ready for it?

Kelly Hall > Lindsey Duke

Thank you, have a nice day.

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