Tyson Chandler vs. Jimmy Fallon in a free throw contest of Christmas objects

by 6 years ago

For his career, Tyson Chandler shoots 63.6% from the free throw line…with a basketball. If he’s using random objects however, the average jumps way up to 80%. On Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, Chandler successfully threw a stocking full of coal, a cake, a mannequin head and a stuffed penguin into a basket some 15 feet away.

Chandler’s vying for an all-star spot this year. I’m not saying this puts him over the top but like, if it’s a close call between him and Anderson Varejao, I’d much rather see the guy who throws cake into a basket.

Since we’re on the topic of all-star weekend, am I crazy in thinking the dunk contest would be wildly entertaining if they exchanged basketballs with large fruit. A 360, between-the-legs dunk with a cantaloupe, a tomahawk jam with a honeydew, a windmill with a watermelon? The possibilities are endless.

Someone get that curmudgeon David Stern on the horn.

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