Up close and personal look at ‘Hipster Ale’ canning line

by 7 years ago

I may hate hipsters, but I love a good can of beer. Evil Twin gives you an up close and personal look at their “Hipster Ale” being canned at Westbrook Brewing Co.

I always thought that beer just magically appeared in cans, but it turns out I was way off. Instead, it’s a very precise process that goes by in no time. If I were one of the speed tap companies that sells draft systems that fill from the bottom up, I’d probably use this as proof that it’s the way drinking vessels are supposed to be filled. No messy overflow. No foam. Just 12 ounces of delicious non-prescription Buddy Holly glasses wearing beer.

I do question the use of “Stayin’ Alive” in the video though. I can’t think of a genre of music less hipster than disco.

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