Vapur Anti-Bottle: New slim profile, same great hydration

by 8 years ago

If you go running, hiking, biking, you probably have a water bottle. And you probably hate it. It bashes against you as you move, it’s heavy, the size that hold enough water are too bulky while the slim ones just don’t have enough room. You could try a hydration bladder, like a Camelbak, but it seems like overkill to bring an entire backpack of water with you on an hour bike ride.

Vapur Anti-BottleThis is why we have the Vapur Anti-Bottle.

The Anti-Bottle basically mixes the best parts of a hydration bladder, namely the fact that you can stuff it anywhere you want and it’ll squish, with the best parts of a bottle, namely the fact that you can drink out of it directly instead of having to use some plastic tube like you’re drinking a Capri Sun or something. When you’re not using it, it can be folded up, rolled, or otherwise put out of the way. And if you like to freeze your Nalgene, you can stick this in the freezer too.

They range in cost from $12 for a 0.7 liter version to $14 for a one liter.

Vapur updates its Anti-Bottle [Gizmag]

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