Verizon expects you to pay for local phone service if you want DSL

by 6 years ago

We’re mostly sending this out as a PSA to our readers with Verizon DSL; if you want to move or upgrade your plan, prepare your wallet to be violated: new DSL customers will be required to get local phone service starting on May 6th.

Verizon local phone serviceHow is this legal? We’re not sure either. Is there a way around it? Probably not. Why is this happening? Ah, THAT we can answer!

The short answer is, Verizon doesn’t have a data cap, unlike AT&T Uverse and Comcast, two other huge Internet providers who are jittery-scared of Netflix. What Verizon DOES have is FiOS, something they would very much like to have you switch over to, because it makes them lots of money and essentially makes you completely dependent on Verizon for all their communications.

This is because Verizon, when they install FiOS, rips the copper of phone lines right out of your house. And they’re under no obligation to put it back if you change your mind, so many homeowners will stay with FiOS for the rest of their lives.

Also, as Verizon stockholders have noticed, the landline business is dying and dying fast. So this is their way of resuscitating it: forcing subscribers to buy a service they don’t want to get at the service they do want.

Enjoy it for now, guys, we’re pretty sure this isn’t going to stay legal long.

Verizon: If You Want To Upgrade Your DSL, You’ll Have to Get Local Phone Service Too [Consumerist]

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