VIDEO: ‘Street Fighter 2’ song performed on the violin by a girl who likes ‘Xena’

by 8 years ago

Hey, remember the girl who played a song from Metroid while dressed up as Samus? Same one, but with the Guile theme from Street Fighter 2 and sans cosplay this time. Sorry. At least we get to stare at her Xena: Warrior Princess poster.

It’s the latest from “Lara plays videogame music”, who continues to without her last name from the internet, and that’s probably a good thing. And also, it would appear that she has her own place? Though the outside doesn’t quite look like NYC. Maybe it’s somewhere in Pittsburg?

Anyhow, when moving into a new place, it’s always a challenge figuring out what to do with those barren walls. Which in Laura’s case, the solution is a poster with Lucy Lawless; her affinity for the show was established in the previous post as well, via her Xena costume.

Oh, and her take on the always awesome Guile theme is quite excellent! Guess that’s worth mentioning as well.

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