VIDEO: The ‘Street Fighter’ vs. ‘Mortal Kombat’ flash mob looks like the best time ever

by 8 years ago

Time once again to see a bunch of folks dressed up as Mortal Kombat characters, dancing in the streets, but this time, they’re joined with folks dressed up as Street Fighter characters. And it is beyond awesome.

Man, where to begin. First off, the guy dressed up as Kintaro (the four armed, half dragon, half tiger dude)? He’s my new hero. The guy stumbling around as Kenshi (the blind swordsman)? Hilarious.

I just love how, instead of just bugging tourists in Times Square, they took a party bus (with a stripper pole) to the Barnes & Noble at Union Square. Where everyone in the cafe is pretty much the most uptight New Yorkers you’ll find, since everyone’s busy working on the next great American novel, so they totally deserved the distraction.

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