Volvo makes woman cross between two speeding trucks for viral video attempt

by 7 years ago

The headline may be a bit misleading…this is world record-holding highliner Faith Dickey, not just some chick Volvo forced at gunpoint after finding her waitressing at Arby’s. But still, the stunt in this video crossing between speeding trucks is pretty insane.

I’m pretty sure this is a point about the stability on the roads of Volvo’s vehicles and blah blah. To me, I’m it seems more like a point about how good Faith Dickey is at her job and how little Volvo understands how people are using their cars. I mean, yeah, if I’m going to have some professional highliner walking on ropes between multiple cars I’m driving, I’m all in. Volvo all the way. But if I’m trying to ride to the beach without someone walking across my car for no particular reason, I’m probably good with literally any other car.

But hey, stunts! Viral! Video! BUY BUY BUY!

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