Walhub: Your switch plate, improved

How often do you think about your light switch? We’re guessing not very often. They are just kind of there. So a product designer decided to see what he could do to overhaul the light switch, specifically the switch plate.



Walhub is essentially a light switch plate molded with extra features. For example, you can mount the plate with two hooks for keys, or mount one with an envelope holder, or go deluxe and have one with an envelope and key hooks.

The best part is the design. You’re not going to have to stick poster mounts to the wall, install hidden screws, or otherwise goof around. Literally, you just take off your whole light switch plate, install the Walhub like a normal light switch plate.

Even better, the system is designed so you can flip it left or right with no problem. You just click in the hooks, screw the plate into the wall, and you’re done.

Walhub is currently on Kickstarter, and it’s already past its goal. One will set you back twenty bucks.

Walhub [Kickstarter]