Watch a guy rant about a $50,000 game on eBay for 8 minutes

by 6 years ago

Did I mention that he listens to death metal? Maybe that’s an important detail. Maybe.

Here’s the story: the NES version of Final Fantasy 2 was never released back in the day. Why? Well, the SNES had just come out, and Nintendo wasn’t apparently not that interested in producing yet another high profile release for yesterday’s news.

Hence why the first 16-bit FF was released as part 2, even though it was technically part 4 in Japan. But as it turns out, one copy was produced, and the seller is parting ways with it for an astronomical $50,000 on eBay.

Now, while I agree that it is a crazy high price, the cartridge is also a piece of history. And yes, anyone wanting to play the game can easily download the rom, which has been floating around the ages, so why not let a crazy person part ways with $50,000 for just a lone (and rather unattractive looking) cart?

At the very least, it is funny watching some skinny dude in a Exhumed shirt, threatening to beat up the seller, for almost ten minutes. All because of an overpriced Nintendo game.

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