Watch Donald Glover’s short film ‘Clapping for the Wrong Reasons’

by 6 years ago

Donald Glover’s short film, Clapping for the Wrong Reasons, is presented with limited commentary. Limited because I have no idea what to make of it. The “directors cut” certainly didn’t help to explain the abridged version he posted two weeks ago, but there’s significantly more Topanga in the full version.

The artist occasionally known as Childish Gambino is either way over my head, too hipster to understand, or the new king of the trolls. In any case, this was a great way to spend 30 minutes of your day. What, it’s not like you need to work. When the collection agency calls just tell them you’re in the northern hemisphere.

Cast: Childish Gambino, Abella Anderson, Chance the Rapper, Adnielle Fishel, Flying Lotus, and Trinidad James. There’s also a “special thanks” to Chris Bosh, which we can only hope is THE Chris Bosh.

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