Watch four people annoyingly argue about why Mario is a douchebag

by 7 years ago

Cracked just launched the second season of their “After Hours” web series, which is basically four friends at a diner late at night, arguing over stupid crap. The question posed this time? Why Mario is secretly a douchebag.

And the points they come up with are quite compelling, aided by an impressive degree of research, which is par for the course for Cracked. I’m personally a HUGE fan of their articles, especially their game related content, which doesn’t get nearly as much credit as they deserve.

So what’s the problem here? The delivery; it’s so obnoxious that I personally had to make three separate attempts to make it all the way to the end. Especially the girl; love the vaguely Zooey Deschanel (or any random hipster chick) look, abhor the kinda Fran Drescher (but worse) shtick.

This is my first exposure to “After Hours,” and after investigating what past episodes explore, I’m tempted, but not enough to endure even more helpings of such annoying delivery.

If anything else, it does prove a very simple fact in life: unless you’re friends with a gaggle of nerds, no matter how interesting their conversation might be, they’re usually pretty insufferable.

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