Watch over 2,000 moms play Zumba Fitness in the middle of LA

by 7 years ago

Is your mom way into Zumba Fitness, that Latin dance inspired workout regimen? Does she happen to own a gaming console? Did she mysterious make a trip to LA last week? If yes to all of the above, try to spot in her the following crowd of 2,000.

The video game version of the latest craze in fitness has been red-hot on the Wii, so it was a given that a Xbox 360 iteration, via the Kinect, would happen. Since traditional gamers at this point could give a rat’s ass about Microsoft’s motion based input device.

Sorry, but the only things I can think up re fairly misogynistic, so all I’ll say is look at euphoric the women folk look (and especially sound). Also, note the random smattering of dudes. I wonder if any of them got lucky.

It’s also sad that Richard Simmons was born so early. Yet, I don’t think it’s too late for an interactive version of Sweating To The Oldies, along with Deal A Meal cards that are AR enabled, for your 3DS and Vita.

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