Destroying the 3DS XL for your education and amusement

by 7 years ago

Nintendo’s super sized refresh of their three dimensionally inclined handheld, the 3DS XL, recently hit stateside. So you know what that means: yet another round of people destroying brand new (and expensive) hardware, all for the sake of Internet glory.

First we have the latest episode of some YouTube channel that’s entirely dedicated to dropping brand new gear onto the ground (one of many, I know)…

I guess the above is somewhat helpful; nice to know that the 3DS XL can hold up after being dropped onto concrete, from a super tall height of four feet. I’m being somewhat sarcastic, if you couldn’t tell.

But given that it’s to a large degree a kid’s toy, durability is somewhat of a gimme. Anyhow, and moving on, here’s a 3DS XL being microwaved…

If the above seems somewhat familiar, it should be, because it’s the same dude who fried the regular 3DS not long ago. And just like last time, it’s being offered on eBay.

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