Watch With eBay is your girlfriend’s new favorite app

by 7 years ago

One thing that we think corporations really want to have happen in the future, despite the fact that we’re pretty sure nobody wants to actually do this, is for TVs to let you buy stuff directly off of the screen. As in, you see somebody in pants you like, you can click on the pants and buy them.

Watch With eBay

Watch With eBay

Frankly, we’d rather see an app that lets you click on clothing items and remove them, although then we’d be torn between stripping Cobie Smulders and Alyson Hannigan when we’re forced to sit through another How I Met Your Mother rerun. But until that glorious technology is invented, we’ll have to settle for Watch With eBay.

This app is pretty much exactly what it sounds like: as you watch TV shows, you can buy products featured on them from local retailers. You can also “shop like a celebrity,” which we assume means buy a preselected list of stuff a celebrity has been paid to endorse.

Come on, guys, digital stripping technology. Computers figuring out what hot women on TV look like naked. You’ll make waaaay more money.

eBay Launches Watch With eBay [Engadget]

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