8 ways people drive like a-holes

by 6 years ago
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how people drive bad drivers

Robert Couse-Baker, Flickr

Really, driving should be a simple task; it's something we do almost every day, causing it to be ingrained in our minds, and automatic in our actions. But when we get on the road, it's not ourselves we have to watch out for, it's all the other crazies who think they're just as good a driver as we (definitely!) are. And that can make even a short trip to the grocery store as unwieldy, unpredictable and dangerous as the wild fuckin' West. Here are some of the most grade-A a-hole things drivers are guilty of.

Photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker, Flickr

Sh4rp_i, Flickr

Operating the blinker like an ass usually happens when you use it at the last second or not at all (unless you're super old, in which case you'll probably have the blinker on for miles before you turn). Either way, you're abusing one of the only forms of clear communication we have as drivers...and you're pissing me off. Way to multi-task.

Photo credit: Sh4rp_i, Flickr

georger_gilbert, Flickr

I'm not talking about Tokyo drifting, I'm talking about your dumb ass gliding carelessly back and forth across lanes like you're trying to get a five stars chase going in GTA. I realize that painted lines aren't as easy to avoid as a guard rail, but maybe you just need to go back to basics and keep your hands at 10 and 2 like a hopeful 16-year-old trying to get his license.

Photo credit: georger_gilbert, Flickr

gohsuket, Flickr

When you speed up to get in front of me and then don't continue your passing speed, you're just proving that you have one-upped the normal levels of oblivious, obnoxious road-dickkery. Speed up or get out of the way.

Photo credit: gohsuket, Flickr

joey.parsons, Flickr

When you're in front of me and you don't get the f*^% through that yellow f&*^ing light, causing me to wait an extra cycle, you're ruining my commute (and subsequently, my entire day) just because you're too f&^$ing scared to go through a yellow light just before it turns red. Yellow is the color of the sun and happiness and delicious, delicious cheese...embrace it.

Photo credit: joey.parsons, Flickr

Robert Couse-Baker, Flickr

You and I both know that we're going to have to stop at that light, so why gun it just to slow down? Hurrying up just so I can wait isn't my style.

Photo credit: Robert Couse-Baker, Flickr

Magic Robot, Flickr

If you're speeding up as I'm accelerating and passing you, and then as soon as the first inch of your car falls behind the last inch of mine you slow down in defeat, I know you're just a jackass. So what if I get to my destination before you get to yours? Life is too short to worry about competition on the road, there's enough of that everywhere else.

Photo credit: Magic Robot, Flickr

extranoise, Flickr

Oh my god, an ambulance! A cop car! WOW! I've never seen that except for every week of my life since I began driving. Do everyone a favor and keep your curiosity curbed to other aspects of your life so we can all get on with ours.

Photo credit: extranoise, Flickr

Beertographer, Flickr

Just because a pedestrian is near your lane doesn't mean you have give them such a wide berth that you risk knocking into other drivers. I guarantee that someone walking close-ish to your car isn't going to have some sudden lateral pitch to the side, resulting in a freak accident.

Photo credit: Beertographer, Flickr

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