What is steam beer? Anchor Brewing explains it all

by 6 years ago

Very few people know what it means to be a “steam beer.” Even I had no clue until I watched this video. Take two minutes and educate yourself so you don’t sound like a jackass next time you’re in San Francisco.

When I was just a we young lad, I assumed that steam beer was in some way made by steam. It had to have some part in the process, right? Wrong. As it turns out, using “steam” in reference to beer is basically the same thing as putting “i” in front of electronics. It means jack-shit. Anchor Brewery was just smart enough to capitalize on the fact that Joe Consumer will buy whatever you tell him is cool, and trademarked the term. Rest assured, founder Ernst F. Baruth is chillin’ up in the clouds, having a cold one, and laughing at you alongside the ghost of Steve Jobs.

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