What the hell is Ivy Bridge?

by 7 years ago

You’ve probably been hearing about Ivy Bridge, if you’re looking for a new computer, and are probably wondering just what the hell it is.

intel-ivy-bridgeThe short answer: a new processor from Intel. The long answer: a revolutionary new processor from Intel that actually will make your computer up to fifteen percent faster, depending on your specs and overall architecture.

In short, if you want the fastest computer, you should probably buy one. But even if you don’t, Ivy Bridge is still going to change a lot of things in the long term, so it’s worth knowing about.

Ivy Bridge is, in case you hadn’t guessed, pretty powerful, but what’s really important is how the chip is made. First of all, its transistors are tiny: 22 nanometers per transistors. That’s important because the more transistors you can etch onto a chip, the more powerful it is.

Secondly, it’s got “3D transistors,” which is basically just a way of saying that instead of one transistor, there are three stacked on each other. Again, more transistors, more power.

So what’s the big deal for you? Essentially, working this out means, in the near future, computers will become exponentially more powerful as Intel’s fabrication processes spreads. That means faster phones, faster laptops, more powerful digital equipment, and all of it will be way more power efficient.

In short, Ivy Bridge will let you play PC games that are more violent and realistic than ever. And isn’t that really what’s most important?

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