What to watch tonight

by 8 years ago

Amanda Peet’s new show, Bent, premieres tonight on NBC. National Geographic takes a look at Mexican drug cartels. Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

New York-Philly @ 7pm, ESPN: Did you guys hear about the Jets screwing up the Tim Tebow contract? HAHAHA! Oh yea, Knicks-Sixers tonight.

Narco Bling @ 8pm, National Geographic: An in-depth look at Mexican drug cartels.

Red Wings-Rangers @ 7:30pm, NBC Sports: The Wings have won 3 of their last 13. Are they headed out of a playoff spot?

South Park @ 10pm, Comedy Central: Cartman has another wonderful business idea–this time he starts his own shopping channel.

Amazing Eats @ 9pm, Travel: Are you American? Are you fat? Do you love sausage? Yep, this episode features a bratwurst buffet in Columbus.

Walk the Line @ 10:30pm, FX: Joaquin Phoenix is a bit of a nutcase but his portrayal of Johnny Cash should have won him an Oscar.

Bent @ 9pm, NBC: Series premiere with Amanda Peet as a lonely divorced lawyer who hires a contractor to remodel her kitchen. Hmm…sounds like the makings of a bad porn to me.

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