What to watch tonight

by 7 years ago


Have you recovered from your March Madness hangover yet? Good, because you’re just in time for Raylan Givens kicking some ass. Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

Justified @ 10pm, FX: Just two episodes left in the season. Will there be any closure to the Quarles situation?

Jimmy Kimmel Live @ 12pm, ABC: Underrated comedian Amy Schumer will probably tell inappropriate jokes and that’s why she’s awesome.

Deadliest Catch @ 9pm, Discovery: Are we looking at the last season of the show? There’s only so many times you can make fun of the “greenhorn.”

NCAA Women’s Basketball Championship @ 8:30pm, ESPN: Spare me the smoke-filled coffeehouse crap about lack of entertainment in women’s basketball. Britney Griner is as exciting as it comes.

Fashion Star @ 10pm, NBC: This is what host Jessica Simpson looks like these days. She’s a fashion star, isn’t she?

Conan @ 11pm, TBS: Listen, I’m required by law to inform you every time Mike Tyson makes a public appearance.

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