What TV shows we should watch tonight

by 7 years ago
Take it all


And so we begin yet another awful December TV schedule, full of more holiday specials than one can imagine. Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

American Country Awards @ 8pm, FOX: No, not the Country Music Awards but rather just the Country Awards. Because we needed more of these.

Texans-Patriots @ 8:30pm, ESPN: A preview of the AFC championship game? One can only hope.

Late Night with David Letterman @ 11:30pm, CBS: I was always under the impression people hated Anne Hathaway as much as me. It appears I was mistaken.

Take it All @ 9pm, NBC: Oh, another Howie Mandell game show? Lucky us.

College Football Bowl Special @ 8:30pm, ESPN2: Who’s going to win the Taco Bell Nacho Supreme Bowl? Tune in to find out.

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