What TV shows we should watch tonight

by 7 years ago


Back-to-back episodes of The League tonight. Elsewhere the Bengals and Eagles have a Thursday night date. Here’s what you need to watch.

Elementary @ 10pm, CBS: A bank vault gets broken into and nobody knows how. Lucy Liu’s on the case though…oh yea, so is Sherlock Holmes. But Lucky Liu’s more important.

The Tonight Show with Jay Leno @ 11:30pm, NBC: The very loud and very obnoxious Maria Sharapova makes an appearance.

Oregon-Penn State @ 9pm, ESPN2: Women’s Volleyball semi-final, if you’re into that kind of stuff.

Bengals-Eagles @ 8pm, NFL: The Bengals are in the hunt for a playoff spot. The Eagles? Not so much.

Last Resort @ 8pm, ABC: Damn you! Damn you all for letting this show get canceled.

The League @ 10:30pm, FX: Is Pete gonna hook up with an old high-school crush? Also, just a reminder that there’s back-to-back episodes tonight.

Scandal @ 10pm, ABC: I urge you all to watch this show just to see how ridiculous the plot lines are.

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