What TV shows we should watch tonight

Kaley Cuoco


People’s Choice seems like a solid distraction tonight if you’re not a sports fan. Here’s what else you need to watch.

The People’s Choice Awards @ 9pm, CBS
: Don’t know what this is all about but Kaley Cuoco’s hosting. I guess I’ll tune in.

Stars in Danger @ 8pm, FOX
: Pseudo celebrities JWoww, Terrell Owens, and Alexandra Paul take part in a high-diving competition

Chicago Fire @ 10pm, NBC
: Relax everyone, Shay’s not dead. Severide’s career may be over though.

Mavs-Clippers @ 10:30pm, ESPN
: Showtime’s back in L.A. and it’s damn exciting to watch.

Modern Family @ 9pm, ABC
: This is a New Year’s Eve episode. Apparently all those Emmy’s got in the way of their calendars.