What TV shows we should watch tonight

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Football, U.S. Open and oh yea, the President speaking (if that’s your thing). Here’s what you need to watch tonight.

U.S. Open @ 7pm, ESPN2: With Roger Federer out, Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray looked destined to meet in the finals.

MTV Video Music Awards @ 8pm, MTV: Wait, they still make music videos.

Late Show with David Letterman @ 11:30pm, CBS: If you hate Jay Leno, tune in. Howard Stern will let loose on his old rival tonight.

Sullivan & Son @ 10pm, TBS: Steve’s sister is a con artist and tries to rip people off at the bar.

Pittsburgh-Cincinnati @ 8pm, ESPN: Is this still a Big East game? I’m not even sure who’s in the Big East anymore.

Democratic National Convention @ 8pm, PBS: President Obama accepts the Democratic nomination.

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