What TV shows we should watch tonight

by 7 years ago


Presidential debate, soccer and Sons of Anarchy lead your TV viewing tonight. Here’s what else you need to watch.

The Presidential Debate @ 9pm: Romney was the clear winner in the first debate. Expect Barry O to come out swinging tonight.

World Cup Qualifying Soccer @ 6:30pm, ESPN2: U.S. faces a must-win game against those pesky Guatemalans.

Sons of Anarchy @ 10pm, FX: I think someone dies tonight.

The Daily Show with Jon Stewart @ 11pm, Comedy Central: If you missed it last night, Stewart absolutely annihilated Fox News. Perhaps his best segment this year.

Underemployed @ 10pm, MTV: Five friends search for jobs after college. Dare I say this looks intriguing?

There’s no place like home @ 8pm, ESPN: 30 for 30 follows one man’s journey to track down James Naismith’s original rules for basketball.

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