What’s hot this week in men’s fashion, gadgets, and gear

by 8 years ago

This weekly feature is a round-up, in conjunction with our friend Tim over at CoolMaterial.com of the hot new products appearing online this week. From fashion tips to cool gadgets and gear, take a look at your new obsessions.

Pebble: E-Paper Watch for iPhone and Android
Pebble is an e-paper watch that works with your cell through Bluetooth. Besides displaying the time, it can alert you to incoming calls, emails, Facebook messages and tons more.
We give it approximately two days before someone turns these Scrabble coasters into an awesome drinking game.
Bolt Action Tactical Pen
Acting as both your writing mechanism and a self-defense tool, this pen is the one you’ll want clipped to your shirt after those late night meetings in Detroit’s outskirts.
Figure for iPhone
If putting out the money for a Minimoog synth doesn’t seem like the smartest first step in your rise to superstardom, how about a buck for Figure?
Flameless Grill Smoker
The Only Flameless Grill Smoker generates smoke without any flames, leading to a more concentrated flavor.
Decked Out: Be The Boss
If you plan to eventually be the boss you should start dressing the part.
MAD Magazine iPad App
Everyone’s favorite satirical magazine is now available like all your other favorite paper mags (GQ, Esquire, etc.)… on your iPad.
Dr. Martens Boot USB Drive
We probably couldn’t pull the boots off in public anymore, but we still like the design. Enter the Dr. Martens USB Boot Drive..

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