Who’s hotter? Girls who believe in evolution or girls who believe in creationism

by 5 years ago

Last night, Bill Nye debated creationist Ken Ham about the validity of creationism versus evolution. Naturally, we had to distill this important debate into one thing: Who were the most attractive women from both sides?

Buzzfeed’s Matt Stopera revisited their theme of having people write messages about their beliefs with some of the creationists in attendance. For the sake of argument, we’ll assume that these photos are a perfect representation of who showed up.

On the evolutionary side, we’ve got a bit of a murderer’s row:

hot evolution girl


Her theories may sound more like pot talk but you’d listen to her prattle on about whatever for a shot at her sweet, scientifically sound lovin’.

hot evolution girl 2


Not so sure I find this girl “hot” as much as I do “attractive enough to include in this round-up.” Also not so sure I agree with her message…there are classes that break down James Bond movies but that doesn’t mean he’s real. Just saying.

hot evolution girl 3


I’m finding it hard to believe that this girl has a real stake in the game here. “Science rules!” is just about the most generic you can get outside of “Go team!”

And then we’ve got the creationism side which, uh, may be lacking in contenders:

hot creationist


Fuck yeah! What about noetics*?!?!? Noetics explains it all, you filthy evolution-loving mongrels. Have you even bothered to see what lessons noetics can teach us? Do you even care? Typical close-minded science.

*disclaimer: i have absolutely no idea what noetics are

Super tough call here to pick a winner but, after much debate amongst myself, I’m going to go with Team Creationism. You may not buy into their theories but that winning smile, piercing blue eyes, and potential for shameful religious girl sex is certainly enough to win me over. Congrats on your victory, Creationism!

You should check out Buzzfeed’s posts for all the photos, too. This guy in particular may make you hate everything about people who care so much about evolution — and hate life in general — after you look at him.

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