‘Wii U Dad’ is the only good thing to come from Nintendo this E3

by 7 years ago

Yes, Nintendo completely dropped the ball this E3, but at least we got an Internet superstar in the process.

Along with the obnoxiously vapid Nintendo pressers (their 3d one last night, which centered on the 3DS, was a gigantic waste of time, and what little goodwill they had left with their most dedicated fan-base has effectively gone up in smoke) have been various videos demonstrating the Wii U.

One is centered on Wii Fit U, played by various members of a family, and the star of the show is the dad, whose clearly abuses some kind of prescription meds. He’s hilarious all by himself, but the internet likes to make a good thing better. Example: “Wii U Dad” playing Watch Dogs

Though my personal favorite, which has also been highlighted by Kotaku, is a little something called Wii Birth U

Next is something a tad bit obvious, but that doesn’t make it any less funny…

Finally, and something completely different, is the other Nintendo related clip to go “viral” (hate the term, but it’s actually appropriate in this instance): the president of Nintendo holding a pair of bananas for absolutely no reason. Enjoy…

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