Wild youth football brawl features devastating tackle

by 6 years ago

As far as youth football brawls go, this one is among the worst. Two NorCal Youth Football League teams had to be separated when their coaches exchanged words after the game. The situation got worse when one coach freed himself, sprinted several yards and went Lawrence Taylor on an unsuspecting man.

Brown said Coach Joe Tys from his team exchanged heated words with the San Francisco coach, but it was the San Francisco coach who went too far.

“He runs through the crowd, knocks over the team mom, okay, then turns around and attacks Joe Tys,” Brown said.

Suspensions were handed down by the league and the players, well, they learned a lesson in how not to handle post-game handshakes. Bad job, bad effort by everyone involved.

That being said, I can’t say I didn’t laugh when the man in the red shirt busted through the crowd like Kool-Aid.

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