Win $1,000 in a free one-day fantasy baseball game with Guyism’s staff

by 8 years ago

We’re partnering with the fine folks at FanDuel to bring you a one-day fantasy baseball contest that’ll see $1,000 in prizes given away. AND you get to compete against our staff. DETAILS!


Are you like me and love fantasy games for baseball but are far too lazy to maintain a team everyday? And perhaps have a mild interest in recreational gambling to win money?

Then this contest with FanDuel will be a good way to test it out. You select 9 players (usual MLB positions..P, C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, and three OF) and, for one night only, you’ll ride their successes to glory. Or slide down their failures into shame.

And, to top it all off, you’ll get to compete in a one-night fantasy baseball competition on April 5th against such Guyism luminaries as:

Katie Nolan (!!!)
Managing editor Douglas Charles
Senior editor A. Isaac
Alcohol writer and funny person Colin Joliat
Our director of online marketing, Cass!
Uh…did I mention Katie?

And, more importantly, you get to win money and stuff. Details are on the contest page.

So go sign-up now. The sooner you get in, the better.

This post is sponsored by Fanduel.

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