Map Porn: Family Tree Of Every Wine Grape In The World, How They Relate, And Where They’re From

by 4 years ago


I’m a sucker for a good map and/or infographic, and this one that just came through my inbox is straight up oenophilia porn. A family tree of every wine grape in the world, including where in the world that grape originated, how it’s interacted with other grapes, and the wine it produces….alcoholic map porn.

Today’s word of the day:

Oenophilia —
pronounced ‘ee-nuh-file’ — [ee-nuh-fahyl]
noun. a person who enjoys wines, usually as a connoisseur.

That basically sums up how incredible the map is. To purchase a 39″ x 27″ print of it you can do so for $38 over HERE on PopChartLab.

To see the full size 5056 x 3500 version of the map above you can click through on the image below:




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